Great photos sell homes!  In order to have great photos, the homeowner must reduce clutter and "stage" the home for sale.   

If you are not hiring a professional stager, please ensure these tasks are complete before I arrive for the photo shoot.  


Thoroughly clean whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, clean countertops, clean windows)

Turn all overhead lights and lamps ON

Replace all burned out light bulbs Use bulbs of the same temperature (ALL incandescent or ALL compact fluorescent)

Turn all ceiling fans, TVs & Computer screens OFF

Hide all trash cans

Remove all magnets and paper from refrigerator

Open blinds/window treatments to let in outside light

Remove personal photographs (or replace with general landscape/object photographs)

Make all beds

Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring

Place all shoes/jackets in closets

Place all toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, etc) in a closet or cabinet

Before Clutter Removal

After Clutter Removal


Close garage doors

Remove cars from driveway and front of home

Clean up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves)

Use broom to remove cobwebs from eaves and door frames

Remove toys, sports balls, basketball goals, soccer goals, etc.

Clean porch, tidy up outdoor tables/chairs/cushions

Pillows/cushions should be fresh, not faded

Clear out kid's toys, balls, frisbees, etc.

Turn on pool fountains/water features

Remove visible water hoses

Remove or hide trash cans

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