What should I do to prepare my home before you arrive?

Great question!  See the Staging link in the menu for details about how to prep your home for better photos.

How do I make an appointment?

Click the Appointments link in the menu and fill out the form with your schedule request.  I respond to all schedule requests quickly!

What are your prices?

Click the Pricing link in the menu for a price list.

How long will the photo shoot take?

We should be finished in 45 minutes to an hour, but it depends on if your home is "ready" when we arrive. To prep for a quick shoot, see the Staging link.  

How do I receive my photos after the shoot?

We will create a private gallery and give you the link and password.  The high resolution photos will be housed here for 30 days after the shoot.  Your photos will be available within 48 hours of the shoot and we normally have them ready within 24. Virtually staged photos will be added to the gallery within 1-3 days.

What is a Virtual Tour and do I need one?

A virtual tour is a separate web link that takes the user to a website dedicated to the property.  The photos play full screen in a slideshow with music in the background.  The special webpage also has details about the property, a contact form, agent  information (or owner if FSBO), and a map to the property.  See a sample virtual tour Here

What happens if it's raining during our scheduled photo shoot?

A little rain should be no problem for interior photos.  It's actually good not to have the sun blaring in through windows and causing sunny spots on the floors.  If it is raining too hard to get exterior photos we will either come back for those (no extra charge) or just reschedule the whole shoot.  

Can my home still look great on a cloudy day?

Sure! We  can work with most types of weather.  Check out the before and after photos below to see how w  can enhance a cloudy sky or make a house look great even on a rainy day.


Untitled photo


Untitled photo

What areas do you work in?

We work in the general Salida CO area.  We are happy to travel to your location outside of Salida for an additional fee.  Generally, anything within a 20 minute drive of downtown Salida is included.  Within 20-40 minutes is a $30 travel fee.  For locations more than 40 minutes outside of downtown Salida, contact for a quote.  See the travel map below for pricing.  Please contact us with your request if your location is not shown.

Travel Map

Untitled photo
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